Health & Safety Policy

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Health and Safety Policy

Authorised by:

Derek Luckhurst

Next Review Date

March 2016

Issue No


Issue 10 

October 2015

This document represents the Health and Safety Policy of Agincare Group of companies, which you are required to read thoroughly. You are also required to report to your line manager if you do not understand any requirement of procedure contained herein. 

A copy of the policy, which outlines the company’s health and safety arrangements and organisational structure, is provided at the company premises, along with a copy of the company’s Employee handbook that must be read by all employees and any other interested person who may be affected by their work activities.

In order for Agincare Group to discharge its statutory duties, employees are required by law, to co-operate with the management in all matters concerning the health, safety and welfare of themselves and any other person who may be affected by their acts or omissions whilst at work.

This policy is part of the Health and Safety Management System for Agincare Group is kept in the offices and is electronically available to staff throughout their employment; it is available for inspection by any interested party upon any reasonable request. Agincare’s Health and Safety Management System is held at appendix 1

Agincare Group agrees that in order to ensure that the health and safety policy is sustained in an effective condition, it is essential that the information is up to date and accurate.  It is the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that suitable revisions are made that reflect changes which have taken place within the company. In addition, the policy will be reviewed if accident reports or the findings of any management inspections raise concerns.

Agincare Group encourages all employees to inform their immediate superior of any areas of the health and safety policy that they feel are inadequate to ensure that the policy is maintained as a true working document.

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